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Airport solutions for baggage & cargo handling

Given the increase in air traffic, mainly due to the possibility of flying low-cost, airports have had to respond to a significant increase in passengers and cargo, they must guarantee safety, precision and speed in operations to.

For decades, we have been dealing with airport baggage and cargo handling solutions trying to ensure the correct sorting and most efficient reconciliation so that all luggage arrives on time, avoiding the loss of even a single suitcase.

With passion we design, engineer and implement integrated hardware and software solutions to optimize airport logistics, ensuring that the luggage arrives at the airport of destination with the passenger.

The baggage handling process is thus improved, bottlenecks are eliminated and, in fact, the number of “lost” bags is reduced.

Today, more than 70 million passengers entrust their luggage to our systems and software, installed in some of the most important Italian airports.

Integrated solutions

Less bottlenecks

Baggage at destination

Constant control

+ 1 millions
Of passengers who entrust their baggage
to our systems and software

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Baggage and Cargo Handling System

Baggage and Cargo Handling System

We design and implement customized solutions for baggage and cargo handling with mechanical integration, software development and maintenance.
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Baggage reconciliation system

Baggage reconciliation system

We design and implement baggage reconciliation systems with mechanical integration, software development and maintenance.
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