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logistica e sicurezza informatica

Logistics and IT Security. The Importance of Cybersecurity in Warehouses

Through software and automation systems, supply chain and logistics management is becoming increasingly smart and efficient. Technologies make it possible to reduce operating costs, increase process efficiency and optimise warehouse and transport management. Today, Artificial Intelligence is also helping to improve logistics management through flexible and easy-to-program robotics solutions and systems that assist workers in […]
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KPI della logistica

Logistics KPIs. Parameters for measuring warehouse efficiency

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for warehouse management are performance indicators, useful for assessing the efficiency of the company’s logistics and identifying strengths and weaknesses related to stock management. By expressing measured performance in a numerical and therefore objective form, KPIs allow you to: Prendere decisioni consapevoli basate su dati oggettivi. Planning activities and coordinating resources […]
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picking di magazzino

Warehouse picking: Pick to light and Put to light systems

In this article, we will answer the question ‘what is warehouse picking‘, looking in particular at the two types of pick to light and put tu light, and how material and/or product picking operations are speeded up with a view to preparing orders. Warehouse picking consists of the selection and partial picking of materials in […]
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impianti elettrici industriali

Industrial electrical plants: what they are, standards and features

Industrial electrical plants, being intended for large production systems, are used to power devices of various kinds.These are complex systems, often including the electrical cabinets and switchboards found in industrial warehouses. To ensure the efficiency and continuity of production, an industrial electrical plants must be efficient, safe, and realized, therefore, by qualified and experienced professionals. […]
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stock di magazzino

How to manage stocks: the main organisational models

A correct warehouse management is essential because on the speed and efficiency with which orders are filled depends the level of competitiveness against competitors. Knowing well the available storage systems and adopting the most suitable one allows the flow of incoming and outgoing goods to be regular and constant, thus avoiding problems related to the […]
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We Donate “Pane Quotidiano”

This year LCS SpA donates the entire amount usually intended for season’s gifts to the association Pane Quotidiano. “Christmas comes to teach us how to find the joy of giving happiness and the joy of being kind“ – Gertrude Tooley Buckingham THE ASSOCIATION PANE QUOTIDIANOFounded in Milan in 1898, Pane Quotidiano is a secular, apolitical, non-partisan […]
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LCS S.p.A. upgrades and receives ROI Certification with the title of “Approved Accelerator” from Interroll, due to meeting all key requirements associated with this partnership category, such as number of Interroll technologies installed and fruitful collaboration between partners within the ROI Program. LCS S.p.A. has completed product training and successfully installed several Interroll product technologies: […]
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Stacker cranes

Stacker cranes: existing types and when to choose them

Stacker cranes are a great asset in the world of logistics because they help automate the operating cycle. They are the backbone of automated warehouses, thanks to which many companies are able to improve performance, speed up the handling of goods and increase their productivity. Stacker cranes are machines used to automatically store and pick […]
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material handling

Self-driving vehicles: what they are and what they are for

As we have already explained, industrial automation is a fundamental requirement for increasing a company’s competitiveness in today’s market. To increase the degree of automation in a company, there are systems and technologies specifically implemented to promote a leaner and more efficient workflow and to return all those high value-added activities to humans. Automated guided […]
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