Warehouse management software – 5 tips for choosing it

A warehouse management software or WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a program that allows you to keep under control in real time the position of products and their handling, but also the residual availability and stock: in other words, it tracks all the warehouse operations. Let’s see in detail what it is.

Warehouse management software: what is it?

Thanks to a warehouse management software, you have the ability to optimize resources, prevent inefficiencies and avoid errors. In this way the work becomes fast, punctual and accurate and management costs are reduced.

The allocation of goods, for example, is governed by customized strategies, which means that the different products are positioned according to a programmed procedure with predefined sequences and logics. In this way, all the management and operational phases are simplified and tracked.

With the WMS is possibile to manage also the cross-docking, so that the warehouse is transformed into a point of passage for products, so that storage is no longer necessary, but traceability is guaranteed.

Finally, it is thanks to the WMS that picking is carried out in a rational way, according to the various needs and, more generally, to the characteristics of the warehouse.

But what exactly are the characteristics that a program of this type should have? Here are five tips to keep in mind to find the best warehouse management software.

Software intuitiveness

Such software should be intuitive and therefore easy to use for all users. It is not certain that all employees of a company are particularly familiar with computer programs and that’s why the WMS must be designed in such a way as to ensure optimal usability by anyone.

The best programs are built to meet the needs and skills of those without special technical knowledge. The intuitive interface means that the main controls and sections can be easily identified and unnecessary steps are avoided.

High software performance

The best warehouse management software is the one that can guarantee the highest quality standards and, above all, can adapt to the needs of the warehouse itself. Also for this reason, is better to avoid relying on those who offer the low-priced programs.

The goods receipt functions are very important, by means of which it is possible to have a more effective control of the incoming products, which can thus be cataloged quickly.

The acquisition of logistic data, for example, allows you to track the movements of the packages so that they can be identified at any moment: it involves collecting information relating to weight, expiration dates, serial numbers, batchesbetc. A quality program also makes it possible to verify that the incoming goods are consistent with the orders placed and with the delivery documents.

Finally, the labeling of goods and containers allows the products to be uniquely coded, on the one hand making operations faster and on the other hand removing potential errors, thanks to the reading of RFID tags or bar codes.

Customized software

Warehouse management software must be designed and built to measure according to the needs of the warehouse: therefore customized solutions, with different functions according to the needs, also for what concerns the location process of the goods.

Scalability and flexibility are two characteristics that cannot be missing inna warehouse management software. At the same time it is important that the program can be modified in case of need, also in view of future changes. When we talk about scalability, we refer precisely to the adaptability of a system to the needs of users and the company, which can evolve over time.

Software reachable from all devices

What good is software that can only be used by a few computers? Nowadays practically nothing. Therefore, remember to focus on a program that can be reached from all devices: it is essential that it can be accessed not only from a PC or laptop, but also from a tablet or smartphone.

This allows you not to be tied to a few devices but guarantees everyone optimal control and effective monitoring, even remotely, in favor of efficient activity.

Support and assistence

It is essential that the software manufacturer guarantees optimal service and the necessary support. The possibility that there is an inconvenience or problem that requires the intervention of the service cannot be excluded; therefore it is essential that it is as fast and efficient as possible.

If when you contact customer service you do not get any response and if there is not even a period of coaching and training, perhaps it is time to change your mind about the manufacturer. Consulting is not a secondary aspect, but it is essential both to minimize the potential impact of any unforeseen events, and to establish a partnership relationship that is as long-lasting as possible and at the same time productive and satisfying.

The best warehouse management system, therefore, is the one proposed by a contact person who is present, available and qualified.

Lcs management software

The management software of LCS reflect all these characteristics: they are easy to use, they can be used on all devices and can be parameterized and customized as needed. Contact us if you want to know more about our customized solutions!

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