Bridge crane, what they are and what they are for

What is the bridge crane

Bridge cranes are machines that are of fundamental importance in the context of warehouse logistics. In fact, they have the task of quickly lifting and moving very heavy and bulky materials within more or less confined spaces; they are also known as overhead cranes and are characterized by limited rectilinear movements along three axes, by means of a particular type of crane.


What is a bridge crane used for

The task of this tool is to facilitate the handling of goods, both indoors and outdoors. Understanding what “bridge crane” means is therefore very easy: the term is the result of the fusion of the words “wagon” and “bridge”, underlining the presence of a sliding trolley above which a lifting device is installed, on guides that are obtained in the bridge. The latter is a structure that moves on rails in an orthogonal direction with respect to the movement of the trolley.

But when was the bridge crane invented? Well, it is a technology that dates back to 1952; For 70 years, therefore, this machinery has contributed to facilitating work in the field of logistics, and still remains an irreplaceable resource for warehouse automation.

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How a bridge crane works

An overhead crane consists of a winch (sometimes also called a hoist), which is installed on a trolley, and a bridge which is represented by a beam. This can have different sizes and shapes: it can be a beam or caisson beams formed by two lateral cores and two sheets, which respectively constitute the upper flange and the lower flange.

To know in how many places an bridge crane can be used, it is necessary to take into account the purpose for which it is intended. In most cases, that is, the location is that of warehouses and factories, where this tool is used to transfer both finished products and semi-finished products, in the direction of the loading and unloading area or between departments.

However, there is no shortage of overhead cranes designed for iron and steel use, which act as a scrap yard. Finally, there are the overhead cranes for handling billets and those for loading.


How many types of overhead crane are there?

There are different types of bridge cranes, with a variable configuration depending on the use for which the tool is intended: in all cases, however, the purpose is to speed up and make warehouse operations safer. The installation methods and dimensions vary, but the structure of the bridge crane does not change, nor does the operating principle. A distinction is therefore made between fixed, mobile, single girder, double girder and overhead crane.


Fixed bridge crane

The fixed bridge crane, in most cases, is installed in warehouses, or in any case large structures. It is used to carry out cyclical and limited movements in a certain storage phase or production process.

Mobile bridge crane

A mobile bridge crane, on the other hand, can be moved using a special mechanism: a system that allows it to be relocated as needed. If it has small dimensions, it can be used for moving and lifting in closed spaces; outdoors, on the other hand, larger mobile cranes are used above all.

Single or double girder overhead crane

A single girder bridge crane is characterized by the presence of a single support element for the winch. In the case of a double girder bridge crane, on the other hand, the system aimed at sliding the hoist and all the other elements used for lifting consists of two beams. A double girder bridge crane is able to ensure a load capacity six times higher than that of a single girder bridge crane.

Overhead crane

The overhead crane is nothing more than the combination of the typical elements of an overhead crane and a crane, that is to say a maneuverable arm. Thus, in the point where the machine is used it is possible to move the part aimed at moving and lifting.


LCS and overhead crane automation

LCS is a specialized reality and leader in automation solutions for bridge cranes, and makes the expertise of its team available to provide tailor-made proposals, customized to the highest degree, according to needs.

Our company deals with the design of automated overhead cranes by adopting the most advanced technologies, thanks to the consolidated experience of a highly qualified team. To find out if this is the solution you are looking for, you can contact us and request a quote: we will provide you with all the useful information for a careful choice and in line with the needs of your business.

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