Intralogistics: the internal handling of goods

Nowadays, automation and robotics are two elements of fundamental importance, for warehouse management and its efficiency. Automating the pick & pack and in general automating the handling of goods with the most different means that technology makes available, allows management that is not only fast but also easy.

Intralogistics becomes increasingly important as omnichannel commerce grows; logistics warehouses and distribution centers must adapt the handling of goods and use innovative systems that make home delivery as immediate as possible.

In fact, the modern economy is characterized by a significant increase in shipments directed to shops and consumers, which requires innovative technological solutions for both the handling and storage of goods. Operators need an ad hoc infrastructure, such as to ensure the highest standards of flexibility, both for picking and handling goods.

Flexibility, compactness and scalability are the most important characteristics that define a quality conveying and sorting system.

Warehouse management requires, in the e-commerce era, not only an increasingly high rate of technological innovation, but also the best possible combination of practicality and efficiency. Logistics for e-commerce, thanks to technology, has the possibility of becoming more efficient, rapid and lean: the aim is to speed up delivery times and meet the needs and expectations of customers, making sure that the products can arrive intact at their destination and in the shortest possible time. Here the conveying and sorting systems come into play, which in this area are of fundamental importance for a logistics project.

To automate, of course, there is also a need for warehouse management software, which helps to ensure a more rational organization of goods and a significant reduction in the opportunities for error.

In the category of automatic systems for the handling of goods, conveying and sorting systems such as conveyors and sorters deserve to be analyzed and discovered closely.

The conveyor belt continues to be an element of fundamental importance, but the solutions available in this area are numerous.

The choice of the conveyor belt must be made according to the production capacity and the context in which the plant is located, without forgetting all the requirements that must be met for environmental protection and safety. If you are dealing with large volumes, the conveyor belt offers numerous benefits, also because it can be used and kept in operation without interruption.

Sorting includes the sorting activities that are carried out for the distribution of goods and the management of shipments.

Logistic sorters are used precisely for sorting, which are systems formed by loading stations connected to several exits by means of a central conveyor, thanks to which the goods are moved and distributed. The operation of this process involves the loading of the package / article on the belt and its identification by barcode or RF-Id. After its position has been tracked by the system, the package is sorted at the appropriate exit (courier / customer / …)

The pick-to-light systems are semi-automatic systems that allow the picking and sorting of items directly in the shipping package.

These systems allow you to gain efficiency by reducing the waste of time due to the walkways of the picking operators.

They should not be confused with put-to-light systems which, on the other hand, serve to improve sorting operations in the picking bays in automatic warehouses that operate with the principle of goods to man.

The pick-to-light is based on devices with light and display, which indicate to the operators from which position a product must be picked up and how many pieces must be picked up for the preparation of an order. Warehouse management software coordinates these systems.

LCS intralogistics solutions are the result of 30 years of experience in the sector. Find out how we deal with the logistics management of companies, thanks to solutions conceived, engineered and developed to optimize and properly organize both the handling of goods and the information flows related to it, in warehouses and production plants.

For the logistical management of warehouses, LCS is synonymous with reliability and tailor-made proposals, such as to ensure the highest levels of control and efficiency up to the dispatch area, as demonstrated by the AGV vehicles, with automatic guidance and intelligent guidance, used in the industrial warehouses.

Each solution is studied and designed to measure, and it is possible to design the green lawn material handling system, as well as to modernize the software department or the systems.

Contact us without obligation for any information on our logistics management systems.

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