The evolution towards the warehouse of the future

LCS is a leading player in the development of integrated and connected storage and handling technologies. 30 years of intralogistics experience have resulted in the development of management knowledge and digital assets combined with electromechanics. Therefore, LCS can fully witness how the world of warehousing techniques has changed in 30 years.

“Everything is different today, ” says Gianfranco Silipigni, CEO of LCS, “but the most radical change is that the warehouse is seen and conceived as an integral part of production. As such, it needs planning and technology. In 30 years LCS has participated in the swirling evolution of technology and is more than ever equipped to support its customers in the challenges for the future, because industrial planning can not ignore the warehouse and intralogistics handling.”

Gianfranco Silipigni underlines that LCS considers itself a partner of its customers: “We support them with our know-how, our experience and our creativity. The customers who turn to us need unique solutions that promote productivity, are sustainable, flexible and adhere to their business models. That’s why we start to support our customers in the design phase.

Dialogue and sharing lead to optimized solutions tailored to our customers. Our strength lies in our ability to develop automation projects supported by original process and automation governance software designed and developed entirely in LCS. All this is combined with the ability to provide service, software support, even remotely 24/7, and customized electromechanical maintenance.”

Silipigni says that LCS has contributed a lot to the stable entry of the 4.0 evolution in the intralogistics and warehouse handling activities.

“With great passion and technological capacity, LCS develops new storage systems, new logics and handling technologies for the automation of business activities. Data is collected from the intralogistics and the warehouse thanks to the use of intelligent components and software that not only communicate with each other but also increase the autonomy threshold of the plants.
The big data that originate from these activities are the driving force for continuous improvement, for the development of industries and the birth of new and more efficient services. Here, too, LCS is the key player and the proof is given by the customers who have been working alongside with us for years.”

Article published in “Sole 24 Ore – 30th January – Supplement intralogistics”

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