LCS spa

Who we are and what we do

LCS S.p.A. has been designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining automated warehouses and material handling systems for 30 years. 

The group leader realises complete software solutions for automated warehouses and material handling systems. In fact, all software levels are developed in-house to guarantee the control and management of processes from PLC to WCS to WMS

The LogiMHS (Material Handling System) is the modular and scalable solution for managing and handling all materials and this solution is adapted and customised to the most diverse customer project requirements.

Solutions in short

Automated warehouses with stacker cranes and miniloads

By analysing the data provided by the customer, we create a tailor-made solution that meets all performance, functional, technical and economic requirements.


Stacker cranes for pallets and caisson

Miniload for boxes and totes

Heavy-duty systems

Automatic handling systems

With our team of highly qualified engineers, we develop the ideal solution for material and product handling automation, for industry and e-commerce. From fast picking to palletising and end-of-line systems.

Optically, magnetically or inductively guided AGVs

Laser-guided LGVs

AIV and AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots)

Cartesian and anthropomorphic robots

Airport solutions

  • Since 1990, LCS has been designing and implementing complete airport systems for baggage and cargo handling

The company optimises airport logistics to ensure that the luggage arrives at the destination airport together with the passenger, improving the quality of the luggage flow, the accuracy of the tracking and the supervision of the process.

Today, 50% of the luggage in Italy is handled by 100% LCS software applications; in fact, LCS is present with its own software in some of the most important Italian airports.


LCS takes care of all phases of a plant’s life, taking care of every implementation, even those installed by third parties. The start-up phase is managed with operator training with 24/7 remote assistance guaranteed. Data and performance are also studied to schedule preventive maintenance interventions.

Qualified assistance during plant start-up

Remote support with 24/7 availability

On-site maintenance interventions according to agreed timescales

Technological revamping of plants

In 2018 LCS SpA set up a business unit entirely dedicated to service and revamping. It is therefore able to assess the need for revamping interventions, aimed at electromechanical and software modernisation. In this way, the life cycle of the installations is extended, guaranteeing reduced ROI times and considerable savings compared to a new installation.



PLC Software

WMS Software

CE Marking