Growermetal – An heavyweights logistic

An heavyweights logistic

Founded in 1950m Growermetal is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of security washers, blanked parts according to customer’s specification and railway washers. Since its establishment, Growermetal maintained its independence and has been run by the Cattaneo family, turned to the second generation.

Located in Calco (LC), Growermetal is a company tha employs over 110 people with a turnover of Euro 28.000.000,00. The company is present not only on the Italian market but also in Europe and in other countries such as America, Middle East, China and other countries of the Far East and it currently export more than 80% of its production.

The quality of each products is completed by the high level of service; here-hence the decision to optimize its supply chain with the integration of a freestanding automatic warehouse of 20 meters high with 17levels of storage for a total capacity of 5.500 pallet spaces, served by 4 stacker cranes and 4 LGV.


Order: 2012
Starting project: summer 2012
Commissioning: september 2013

The organization

LCS designed for Growermetal a solution that can cope with the constantly growing of a company with a clear business vision. LCS implemented a solution that was not only reliable but also modulated in time and flexible, able to meet the ever-changing needs.

The close and fuitful cooperation with the customer, from the design throught to implementation, was decisive and led to an excellent result, both in terms of logistics and architecture. It will represent a strategic tool for Growermetal with which successfully meet the challenges of the coming years.

A new more efficient “green grass” warehouse

Work beganin summer 2012 and the new automated warehouse is active in September 2013; currently working at a rate of about 850 daily missions on a single shift of 10 hours.

To date, the stock is exploited with a saturation level of 50% average: the system has in fact been dimensioned in terms of both space and performance tu support additional business growth. From here the choice of using LGV in place of a system of fixed roller conveyors: in case of increase of necessity, the activity can be enhanced with the inclusion of a further machine without modifing the existing infrastructure.


LCS has created a warehouse based on the most efficient material handling thanks to solutions such as:

  • 4 laser guided vehicles;
  • 1,500 smq of automated area;
  • 17 storage levels.


For the Customer, a “green-grass” warehouse has been designed to measure according to specific needs, which has made it possible to obtain immediate and medium / long-term benefits and improvements:

  • greater efficiency in the movement of goods;
  • elimination of picking errors;
  • best service provided to the end customer.

Technical information

  • Year of entry into service: 2013
  • Function of the warehouse: storage of semi-finished product and finished product, both loose and packaged
  • Client type: distributors of fasteners or end users/intermediate, in Italy, Europe and in major world markets
  • Type of UDC stored: euro pallets, half-pallets and metal boxes identified via barcode
  • Storage capacity of the warehouse: 5.493 euro pallets or 10.986 boxes or half-pallets
  • Freestanding height: 20 meters
  • Covered area: 2.600 square meters (total area), 1.000 square meters (warehouse)
  • Of stacker cranes: 4
  • Movements medium: 850 UDC/day
  • Handling equipment: LGV system to link the packaging department, picking and shipping.

Case History