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Together we design and develop the best solution in different sectors.

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    Today, automation is a crucial aspect for improving productivity and competitiveness while maximizing the value of your resources.

    LCS Automation provides complete automation solutions for the production process, with perfect hardware and software integration.

    LCS automation solutions

    Complex structures, special machines and entire lines of plants is what we design and install thanks to our consolidated experience.

    In particular, we provide assembly lines and machinery, machinery dedicated to mechanical processing (engine bases, pistons, camshafts, etc.), machinery dedicated to handling systems (self-propelled lines, etc.) and cutting and modelling lines.

    All the software is developed in-house, in order to guarantee solutions that are always customised and modulated on the basis of the specific design requirements.

    Focus: assembly lines and motor working centers

    We implement assembly lines and engine machining centers, from the electrical and pneumatic design phase, up to the light carpentry.

    We also provide the construction of the electrical panel and the hydraulic and pneumatic panel.

    Focus: conveyor lines

    Within the Group, LCS Automation is responsible for the creation of electrical solutions for material handling systems such as transport lines for pallets and chests, crates, boxes and luggage.

    In particular, LCS Automation carries out the electrical design, builds the electrical panels and deals with the supply and testing of the plant as well as with the subsequent activities of electrical and mechanical assistance and maintenance.

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    Together we design and develop the best solution in different sectors.
    - Electric-pneumatic project
    - PLC programming and commissioning
    - Switchboard construction and installation
    - Hydraulic and pneumatic panel construction

    - Solution study and layout
    - Mechanical Project
    - Electrical-pneumatic project
    - Cell Construction
    - PLC Programming, Robot
    - Commissioning
    - Certification

    - Component assembly machines
    - Dimensional and quality control machines
    - Benches for manual components assembling

    - Leak test benches
    - Rotary swaging machines for metal deformation
    - Automated controlled-axis riveting machines

    Case History

    Together we design and develop the best solution in different fields

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