Automotive – Isola di assemblaggio per poggiabraccia

The custumer’s needs and the realized project:

The customer needed to create a high-performance automatic system to assemble car armrests. The feasibility study, as well as the design of the entire system by LCS Automation and S.A.M.Ind. involved the implementation of an island capable of managing the various processes and controlling and storing the data, which was then made available to the company server.

The assembled armrests serve the function of storage and are composed of multiple parts that allow them to open, close and slide with different parts made of different materials, metal and plastic. All these parts are assembled in the island, following a specific sequence. Specifically, the parts are then joined by means of joints and screwing.

The island consists of stations where the pallet, which contains the parts to be assembled, is positioned for the process.

Among the various process stations are:

  • Screwing station
  • Bushing insertion and lubrication station
  • Internal element pressing station
  • Element presence control station
  • Metal guide and cover insertion station
  • Barcode label application station


  • The process is fully automated and able to collect all process data (screwing, plating, labelling) and make them available to the plant management system according to the Industry 4.0 requirements.
  • Remote monitoring by technical support via web connection

Case History