AUTOMOTIVE - Assembly lines for radiator expansion tanks

Customer’s needs and the realized project:

The customer needed to create a high-performance automatic system to assemble radiator expansion tanks for cars. The feasibility study and the design of the entire system by LCS Automation and S.A.M.Ind. involved the implementation of two islands with different functionalities.

In the first one, the two half-shells are taken from a press and introduced into the welding machine separately, and by means of a hot blade they are welded together to form the tank.

In the second island, on the other hand, all the stations were created to carry out the assembly process described in sequence:

  • Leak test
  • Insertion of end cap by screwing it in upside down
  • Bushing insertion
  • Visual check
  • Labelling

Once the two processes described above are completed, the element is fully assembled and is placed on a conveyor belt that deposits it in a collection tank available to the operator for a final visual check before packaging


  • Mixed plant: in this plant, 6 different elements are assembled in batches with the possibility of increase due to the ductility of the components.
  • The process is fully automated and able to collect all process data (leak testing, screwing, plugging, labelling) and make them available to the plant management system according to the Industry 4.0 requirements.
  • Remote monitoring by technical support via web link

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